Surgical Rehabilitation

  • ACL repair
  • Meniscectomy
  • SLAP repair
  • rotator cuff repair
  • Spinal fusion
  • …etc

Pre-Op (Pre-habilitation)


Pre-hab refers to improving your functional capacity through increased physical activity before an anticipated orthopedic procedure.  The purpose is to accelerate the speed at which patients will heal post-surgery.  Studies show patients who undergo a successful and individualized pre-hab program demonstrate  a greater percentage of strength gain, lower pain levels, more rapid improvement, shorter recovery times, less dependence, and more rapid return to regular activities.

Physical therapy for pre-hab will focus on core strength, coordination, proprioception, and stabilization of the area that will have surgery.  Areas of concentration include:

  • Soft tissue mobilization to help with mobility
  • Range of motion and mobility exercises
  • Strengthening and stabilization exercises
  • Proprioception and balance work


Post Op

Following your surgical procedure your therapist at R Technique will design an individual rehabilitation program for you to help you meet your goals and return to your prior level of function.  Post operatively we will:

  • Protect the integrity of the surgery
  • Increase ROM
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase strength
  • Improve stability
  • Normalize walking pattern
  • Increase FUNCTION

At R Technique we have an Alter G treadmill which will allow you to return to walking/running sooner post operatively.  The Alter G has the ability to lessen your weight by 80% putting less of a strain on your joints allowing you to perform the motion with proper technique.