Sports Performance Traning

“R” Technique provides a technically unique rehabilitation and wellness experience incorporating physical therapy, personal training, and sports performance under one roof. Our office is unlike any other you have been to. The facility is state of the art, the staff is outstanding, and you are at the center. “R” Technique is bringing a new age flair to the fitness and rehabilitation of old. We take a comprehensive and evidence-based approach that will help support you and your health and wellness needs, customizing plans to meet your individual goals.

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Every athlete and sport must be treated differently; therefore R Technique focuses on the individual needs of every athlete in regards to the specific demand of their sport. Our facility applies a multi-faceted methodology using state-of-art equipment that generates total athletic development and is dedicated solely to helping maximize potential by:

  • CORE Development
  • Full Body Strength Development
  • Sport Speed & Agility
  • Body Power
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Confidence


Through training with R Technique, athletes will develop a firm understanding of what makes a strong athlete as it applies to their sport as well as their position. Any athlete who wants to continue their athletic career beyond high school must realize that training will be a huge part of their daily routine.

Therefore, at R Technique we believe the importance of teaching the proper training fundamentals to each of our athletes so that they can develop better habits that will carry them throughout their competitive athletic career.


Not only will athletes be pushed physically in order to prepare for their season, but they will also be pushed psychologically. Through training, an athlete can develop a strong level of mental toughness and an increased level of self-confidence, which can improve their level of play on the field.

Although athletes will never be directly trained to develop mental toughness, all types of training have an inherent quality of indirectly affecting an athlete’s level of confidence.


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