Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment used for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired by disease, injury, or disability that utilizes therapeutic exercise, physical modalities (heat, ice, soft tissue mobilization, electro-therapy), and patient education to return a person to their prior level of function/ maximize their functional potential.


Common Techniques:

  • Moist heat/cold packs can prepare muscles for exercise and mobilization/manipulation or reduce inflammation to make movement less painful
  • Electrical stimulation activates nerves in damaged tissues to help develop strength and stability
  • Ultrasound generates sound waves that are transferred to a specific part of the body using a probe. The sound waves travel deep into tissue creating gentle heat
  • Soft tissue mobilization is used to break up adhesions, increase muscles length, and help muscles to function more effectively
  • Strength and stability exercises are used to help the body re-establish the proper function of the musculoskeletal tissues
  • Stretching tight muscles and joints can help relieve pain and get patients back to their previous range of motion